Thursday, September 24, 2009

Welcome to Virginia (Nottz Tribute)

Nottz Raw is hands down my favorite producer from VA. Known for his signature basslines, Nottz has worked with an assortment of artists which include Busta, Kanye, Snoop, The Game, and many more. Props to DJ Mike Rizzy for putting together such a dope mix. Stream above or click image to download.

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  1. Does Nottz use the sample and then kind of humm the bassline he wants so he grabs the sample and then uses keys to create a bassline by key or does he use the MPC/ASR to make the bassline outta the sample. Stupid question maybe but are his beats all sample or a combo of sample and keys which is frowned upon sometimes by purists?
    For real doe real dope fucking mix...Nottz is ill. Props for this. ONE

  2. No doubt, this was all DJ Mike Rizzy's doing. I'm just the messenger. In regards to Nottz Raw, I know he has enough knowledge to play keys and guitar so I'm sure he does both on some tracks but for the most part, he's a sample based producer. As far as his basslines, I know he uses the ASR but I wouldn't be surprised if he plays them out on the keys. I've read a grip of interviews and he rarely goes into his process.

    Here's a dope clip of him at beat society flipping the same sample 3 different ways.