Tuesday, March 2, 2010

EHR Potent Quotables #1

As a hip hop fan, I feel like there's a certain time and place for everything. I'm not one to complain about the state of hip hop or harp on the arbitrary idea that there's a difference between rap and hip hop. In reality, is it really that serious? It's 2010. We have so many avenues at our disposal to discover music. The music that you prefer is out there so stop spending so much time worrying about someone else's taste and find it yourself.

With that said, I enjoy beat driven call and response and often labeled "dumbed down" music just as much as the next man. Lil Boosie and Diddy albums* get plenty of burn over here. But as much as I like yelling "O leeeeh do it," I will always have a place in my heart for headphone music and verses that require the rewind button. As a tribute to emcees who catch wreck, we'll be spotlighting a verse each week titled "EHR Potent Quotables."

Off The Pretty Toney Album, this track became an instant classic upon first listen. The beat's frantic pace creates a type of tight rope tension that leaves little room for error. With the recent Winter Olympics still fresh, it actually reminds me of the short track speed skate relay with each rapper feeding off the other.

Ghost, Jada and even the fairly unknown Comp completely own this beat to the point that I couldn't imagine hearing anyone else on it. Though I eventually decided to go with Jadakiss' verse, either of these three are more than worthy of the EHR Potent Quotables designation.

Ghostface Killah f. Jadakiss & Comp - "Run"
Produced by RZA

"It's Task Force Tuesday, the NARCS is in the black car,
I got five hundred, hundred packs in my backyard,
Clear twelve twelves that look like stuff shells,
I'm cutting n***** throats on the sales while they puff L's,
Don't leave nothing unbagged, shave everything,
I learned from the O.G.'s to save everything,
They come by one more time, they gon' hop out,
They two deep and one is a b****, she getting knocked out,
Then I can get rid of the pack,
but I just copped this pretty chrome thing
so I'm dipping with that,
Down-shifting on 'em like I got gears on me,
Besides that, I got about 5 years on me,
Scared to death, running like I got bears on me,
My Timb's start feeling like they Nike Air's on me,
It's hard for me to slow down, it's like I'm on the thruway,
My belt's in the crib on the floor by my two-way,
Now I'm trying to hold my hammer up and my pants too,
If they don't kill me, they gon' give me a number I can't do,
Rather it be the streets than jail where I die at,
And I'm asthmatic so I'm looking for somewhere to hide at,
But they too close, and I got this new toast,
Imagine if I would've let off a shot or two,
you know what I gotta do"
- Jadakiss (via A-Z Lyrics)

*Both Superbad and Press Play were quality (4/5) albums btw.

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